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Don Schott/ GRATEFUL SURF: Guestbook

John Joyce

February 10, 2013

Hi Don ... hope you're doing ok. You know me from late 1970's, MMC sessions etc when you lived at your folks' place off Colerain. Give me a call 513-248-9123 (will live in Milford thru 2013)or 513-379-4743 if I hit the road again.

Ken Martin

January 24, 2013

Hey Don how u doing? Happy New Year..Hope U and family are fine..Ken

Ken Martin

October 8, 2012

Hey Don I C where Ed Bosken Died along time ago and Chuck Seitz just died not to long ago.. how are u doing? I am fine :) I miss florida

Victor B. Walker

July 15, 2012

Hey Don, I was wondering if you by any chance have a dvd or video of the APRA show that was taped in 1991, it had The Goshorns, Johnny Schott, Warsaw Falcons. etc.

Ken Martin

March 22, 2012

Hey Don, whats up ??

Andrea Johnston

February 21, 2012

I just heard about Frank please call me . I am in Reno, 7758464900. Please put any tape you have with Frank on you tube.


March 26, 2011

Cool Website and your music is cool also!

Ken Martin

January 11, 2011

Hey Don, nice to see u r still kicking around..I am fine here. Take Care.. Ken... QCA sucks ha ha

Donna Marie Hall

September 11, 2009

Hi Don, so glad to find you here... Very Happy that you found Love and I did hear you have children to... I have been volunteering at Play it Forward with Gary Burbank and Liz Wu. I have my Pro-Tools that I am trying to figure out oh my ... Kathleen (my daughter) who as a baby you carried her on your shoulders she loved you and called you Bubbles I think your girlfriend at that time had loads to do with that Kathleen has been working in Studio City for Studio City with Don Mackie and Stew etc. Kathleen graduated from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for Electronic Media... I have been going to ICB Audio to figure out how to work my Pro-Tools Mike Duffy and Don both do the seminars... I am doing voice overs was with Sight Through Sound with Eddie Droder or Drotter ...
Well it looks and sounds like you guys are doing great! Have you heard anything from Jackson Hamlin and his wife Jayna Hamlin and Zack? Maybe I will run into you sometime... I am on Facebook under Donna Hall in Terrace Park Ohio... black shirt I am sure there are 199999 Donna Hall's ... Kathleen is listed under Kathleen Hall Los Angeles CA... you won't believe how grown up she now is...
I have not talked to Cindy forever... Would love to talk to you and see your Studio...
And again if you know how to reach Jackson and Jayna Hamlin let me know or give them my info : 513-307-4255 or

Again I am so happy you and your family are doing so great...

May God Bless, Donna Hall

rick gray

August 7, 2009

might you be the dude I saw play a solo bass show at the Fitton Center Music Cafe, maybe 5-6 years ago. Solo because the band didn't show and you performed without them?

Brenda Hauser

March 19, 2009

Great website!

Hang out with Ooh La La this summer!!

Ray Henry

June 19, 2008

Memorial Hall

Dave Bass

April 24, 2008

fill me in on new A.P.R.A. meetings!

Terri Hawley

November 27, 2007


Johnny Roy

November 7, 2007


I wanted to thank you for the Gerry Parker link. I heard him play in Balderdash (in Lexington) in the late 60's and have wondered who that guitarist was ever since! He was an important mentor to me.

Johnny Roy

Spatula Spanker

March 23, 2007

Hello's up! Check out the 60's Custom!


March 13, 2007

You playing the Spatula? Killer guitar that Hallmark SweptWing.Hope you are enjoying it.I just did by me another one just like it.I did not get quite the deal I let you get on ebay but I'm glad you got it.Hope all is well...

jan vaughan aka Big Bam Boom

March 3, 2006

hey Don

Hope things are going great for you back home! The Open Mike has been huge lately... the winter is the only time I get to attend.
Come back n' see us... and do come sit in some night!
peace... bigbamboom

Laura Simmons

January 16, 2006

I need to give you my new cell phone number. When I got my new phone, I lost all my contacts, including yours and Beth's cells. I think I have the house phone memorized, but neither you nor Beth are ever home, and I don't know if you all check voicemails or not. I'll try giving the house phone a try sometime in the next week if I don't hear from you at my email ( Love you and Beth, and hope to hear from you soon.


Laura Simmons

December 20, 2005

I miss you, Don.

David Silverman

December 15, 2005

Hi, Don! I've been listening to Let's Go Play Outside. Very interesting...! I especially liked the kids swimming (?) and the outer space sounds.


Jack M. White

September 17, 2005

Hey Don,checking back to see if my link to your site was working,looks nice,your site that is.Please email about updates on SeasonGood Pavillian,sounds like fun,and,again I like your new site.Peace.

Steve Remote

September 13, 2005

All the best to you and yours.

Jack M. White

June 20, 2005

Great Site. Check out

Don Baragiano (aka: Don Puckett)

May 21, 2005

Don ! You've come a long way since 1968 when you called me stuck out on the road somewhere in Florida. Looking good ! Wanna trade some shows ? Check me out:
It's all one big note, really !

Wayne Noel

April 10, 2005

Nice Website Unkle D.
Very tight, proffesional and easy to navigate.
I likey

Willy or wont he

February 12, 2005

Of all the websites I've ever visited .... this is one of them....

Laura Simmons

January 31, 2005

Hey, Don! I agree with the concensus: the website is quite impressing. Love the Kokopelli picture on your "images" page!! Have a good day, and hope to see you again soon. -Laura

Bebop Dadoo

January 27, 2005

"The future ain't what it used to be, and it never was."

--Dead Folk Guy

Phyllis Reagan Kelley

January 16, 2005

Hi Don,
You're right -- this is a cool site -- very impressive. Good luck ; may you have continuing success. Reagan

Brandon Schott

January 2, 2005

Hey uncle Don just thought I would look you up. You mentioned yourself being on here at grandpas 80th. Good luck with all your musical talent.

fred steffen

November 24, 2004

best of all always :-)

Gregory Maxwell Tutt

October 31, 2004

I own 7 trombones,one for each type of music.(right)

Gregory Maxwell Tutt

October 31, 2004

Looking for a gig.Call Me or E-mail.Take care.tell.Beth we said hi.

Patty Bowling

October 25, 2004

Hi Don-

Your site looks great and sounds great too. I am listening to "Prayer". Continued success and fun!

Patty Bowling

Greg Cole

October 14, 2004

Nice web site Don. Let me know how it goes with A.P.R.A.