EDEN PARK office of CINCINNATI PARK BOARD to Co-Sponsor Help Us Help Them

Hard work and a lot of new developments - there is a poster jpeg which you can copy onto your computer (most systems just drag it) and you can help us help them by sending it to as many people as you know on your e mail list - you can also print copies and pass them on to office or work friends and help spread the word. Help make this one of the coolest "people oriented" events to go down in Eden Park in a long time - New news is that the Cincinnati Park Board has decided to "pitch in" and be a Co-Sponsor" - isn't that cool? More new sponsors are coming on board and I will write about it as soon as I have a Moment-- Oh, the poster to copy is in the photos section as well as right below this copy. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a218/EYERECORDS/HarmonyforHumanity3a.gif

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